Tổng hợp 1 vài đánh giá của mem Missosology về HHTGNV

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Tổng hợp 1 vài đánh giá của mem Missosology về HHTGNV

Bài gửi by LTN on Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:28 am

Sau khi HH TGNV kết thúc, một số mem Việt trên Missology đã post thông tin về kết quả cuộc thi. Dưới đây là 1 vài đánh giá (dù chưa nhiều nhặn gì) về tân HH TGNV và cuộc thi. Trong số đó chắc vẫn có những đánh giá xã giao nhưng cũng đã ghi nhận được tín hiệu tốt.


Miss Bicolandia [philippines]

I love her look. And I envy that venue! Bongga! The Philippines cannot stage a pageant in an imposing venue like that. I especially love the stage! Good luck to her!

uniqueorn [philippines]

Another strong Asian candidate after India!

detroiter [usa]

Not a big fan....

el_capitan [spain]


tuberists [philippines]

It is said that the one who made the stage will be the one who will be doing the stage of the Miss Earth finals on December....OMG! So...if in Miss World Vietnam, the stage is so fabulous...what more in the finals???? I can't wait...luv luv luv it!

abcde [philippines]

Wow! fantastic choice. Congratulations Vietnam!


earthlover25 [philippines]

oh my! Vietnam representative for Miss Earth is so stunning! the best in Asia so far along with India... she pretty tall too.. very impressive candidate and the stage looks great too! Good Job Vietnam! i hope she'l be more fierce this coming November..

xyruz [philippines]

miss vietnam earth is beautiful...top 16 for sure...and the stage looks great...
im really exited for this year miss earth edition..

HyeongJin [korea]

This is real Vietnam beauty..I hope she'll get rid of those colored lenses and avoid overdoing her catwalk..she's soo cute!!

lina morales [philippines]

what a gorgeous Asian doll.....she is so beautiful and her dimples I can't get enough. Of...another Asian frontrunner......impressive stage and il divo as guests wow....miss earth will be the grandest pageant of the year....I'm sure of that

antoine [australia]

Wow their pageant is actually better than some Miss Earth and Miss Earth Philippines I have seen... awesome stage!!! That's what a pageant should be!
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