Miss Earth 2011: crossovers who have their eyes on the crown

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Miss Earth 2011: crossovers who have their eyes on the crown

Bài gửi by Didi on Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:00 pm

Not winning or not doing well in one pageant (or even winning!), may not be enough to stop beauty contestants from trying their luck on other competitions. For some, the experience such beauties bring from their past participation, may represent an extra edge over the 1st-timers on their 2nd or 3rd tryouts. Or not… The fact is, there are several crossovers competing in the Philippines right now, and some of them are considered Miss Earth’s ‘favorites’. How far will they go in the competition?

Miss Puerto Rico – Agnes Benítez

Puerto Rico hasn’t won any of the three Grand Slam newcomer titles, meaning Miss Tourism Queen, Miss Supranational, or Miss Earth. Benítez participated in Miss Tourism Queen 2009, ending the competition as a ‘top 20′ semi-finalist and with the title of “Queen of the Americas”. Two years later, in Miss Earth, this Puerto Rican stunner is considered a front-runner, and could give her island a first Miss Earth victory. Puerto Rico has placed in all Grand Slam pageants which have already taken place this year, and Agnes is expected to keep these ‘good times’ rolling.

Sweden – Renate Cerljen

Former Miss Universe contestants are usually welcomed by the Miss Earth pageant, and Sweden’s Renate Cerljen should be no exception. In 2009, in the Bahamas, she was a top 15 semi-finalist in Miss Universe. Can she take the Miss Earth crown back to Europe after 9 years?

Venezuela – Caroline Medina

After being crowned Miss Earth Venezuela 2011, last year, Caroline was sent to Bolivia to compete in the Americas’ most prestigious beauty pageant: Hispanic-American Queen. She won it, and arrived in Manila as a main favorite for the Miss Earth title this year. Caroline has already bagged three special awards!
Paraguay – Nicole Huber

Nicole Huber participated in Miss World 2011, and finished as a ”top 30′ quarter-finalist, instead of a ‘top 15′ semi-finalist, by a detail: she ranked in 16th place! Many of her fans believe Miss Paraguay will land in Miss Earth’s ‘top 4′, with a fair chance to win a first Grand Slam title for her country.

Ecuador – Olga Alava

Another South American beauty favored by Miss Earth fans is Ecuador’s Olga Alava. She was the 2nd runner-up in Hispanic American Queen 2011 and has been catching some attention in Miss Earth. Ecuador placed 2nd in last year’s Miss Earth pageant, and less than 1 month ago it won its first Grand Slam title: Miss International. Olga will try to make history for her nation.

Tanzania - Nelly Kamwelu

No, Nelly is not a favorite in Miss Earth 2011. However, she deserves the ‘Miss Perseverance 2011′, after all, she has already competed in Miss Universe and Miss International 2011. If experience does help, we can expect her to pull a surprise (or not…).

Other Grand Slam crossovers: Macau, Cherry Ng (Miss World 2010), Aruba, Melissa Lacle (Miss Universe 2006).

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