MISS UNIVERSE 2016 - 2nd LeaderBoard by Alvin Sebetero

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MISS UNIVERSE 2016 - 2nd LeaderBoard by Alvin Sebetero

Bài gửi by AlvinSebetero14 on Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:53 pm

2nd LeaderBoard - 6.20.2016
by: Alvin Sebetero

Welcome to our 2nd LeaderBoard for Miss Universe 2016
As of this moment, 30+ ladies have been selected and confirmed to participate in Miss Universe 2016 which will be held later this year.

Compared to our 1st LeaderBoard, we can certainly notice some huge chances, especially when our previous leader Kristhielee Caride from Puerto Rico has been dethroned. Other ladies that were previously on the list but is currently out in our new list are Belgium, Cayman Islands and Mauritius.

Looking at the set of ladies competing this year, the delegates from North and South America are definitely bringing their A-Game and raising the level of the competition. Other strong group are the Asian contenders.

As of the moment, here is my current Top 15.
It will soon change on the next days as the ladies continue to prepare and improve themselves and as new delegates are being crowned every week.

1. NICARAGUA - Marina Jacoby
2. CANADA - Siera Bearchell
3. VENEZUELA - Mariam Habach
4. INDONESIA - Kezia Warouw
5. MEXICO - Kristal Silva
6. COLOMBIA - Andrea Tovar
7. USA - DeShauna Barber
8. PANAMA - Keity Mendieta
9. FRANCE - Iris Mittenaere
10. PHILIPPINES - Maxine Medina
11. MALAYSIA - Kiran Jassal
12. CZECH REPUBLIC - Andrea Bezdekova
13. PERU - Valeria Piazza
14. CROATIA - Barbara Filipovic
15. SOUTH AFRICA - Ntandoyenkosi Kunene
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Re: MISS UNIVERSE 2016 - 2nd LeaderBoard by Alvin Sebetero

Bài gửi by will lê on Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:19 pm

Việt Nam đâu khi cử Lệ Hằng rồi mà!!!???


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