Miss Universe 2017: GB's Top 15 Glamshots!!! NO.10 IS VIETNAM

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Miss Universe 2017: GB's Top 15 Glamshots!!! NO.10 IS VIETNAM

Bài gửi by will lê on Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:39 pm



[size=45]Miss Universe 2017: GB's Top 15 Glamshots[/size]

The 66th Miss Universe competition is in its homestretch and the winner will be crowned this Sunday in Las Vegas. While we are delighted that the pageant is crowning their second winner this year and thus avoiding having the contest spill into the next calendar year for the third time, it has not gone unnoticed what a poor and low quality event this has been so far. From the private jets, high class events and excited crowds of the 65th contest in the Philippines to fast food joints and hotel mezzanine events in Vegas, this is surely not a Miss Universe edition that the die hard fans would want to remember.
The announcement that IMG was taking over from Donald Trump was met with excitement and relief, but now we are seriously starting to worry about the future of Miss Universe. The organization should take a serious look at how they organize and plan their event and we really hope to see them return to staging a pageant that does justice to the history and reputation of the brand next year. For the first time in years, the preliminary competition was not even streamed live, leaving fans of the competition extremely unhappy. 
We miss the great headshots of the girls and photos of them in their evening gowns and swimsuits of past editions, but at least we are getting glamshots this year. As disappointed as we are with this low key event, we are still hopeful for a great show on Sunday - something that Miss Universe has always done well. The group of 92 (a record number) is strong and we enjoyed seeing these photos by the official photographer of the competition. 
It's time to meet Global Beauties favourite Glamshots of the 66th Miss Universe Competition: 
15: Zambia (8.83) 

14: Iceland (8.98) 

13: Spain (9.05) 

12: Philippines (9.11) 

11: Sri Lanka (9.13) 

10: Vietnam (9.19) 

9: Venezuela (9.21) 

8: Colombia (9.29) 

7: USA (9.33)

6: Guyana (9.36) 

5: Israel (9.45) 

4: Indonesia (9.47) 

3: Thailand (9.54) 

2: Germany (9.57) 

and Global Beauties' favourite Glamshot goes to... 

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